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Fresh Organic Vegetables from Long Crichel Walled Gardens

The walled gardens are a labour of love and understanding of plants, soil and the associated flora & fauna. In the last few years we have begun selling our own grown organic produce within Dorset and neighbouring counties.

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Working out of an original 18th Century walled garden that had fallen into disrepair and overgrown. The gardens have been slowly and painstakingly brought back to life and is now producing the most wonderful produce.

All our fruit and vegetables are traditionally hand tended / grown and organic (certified organic - without chemical sprays, fertilizers or using GM products) fully approved by the Soil Association

Annie Sax is the Gardener and the ceaseless worker running, creating and growing local, regional and European favourite's. She is supported by a team of helpers who are both professional and enthusiastic in what they do.

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The Vegetable Box Collection Scheme

Our seasonal vegetables and fruits are available from the bakery shop; this is open from 12.00 mid day until 6.00 pm Thursday & Friday and from 9:00am until 6:00pm on Saturday. If you are traveling far it's always good to telephone first.

( Telephone the Bakery: 01258 830 852 ).

( Telephone the Garden: 01258 830 295 ).

We also offer a vegetable box scheme whereby you may 'pre order' one or more boxes for collection.

To e-mail the Walled Garden, please 'click' on this link.


Our location

You will find the sleepy little village of Long Crichel nestled in a shallow valley within the chalk downs of East Dorset - one mile off the main A354 between Blandford forum and Salisbury. The walled Garden is located across the lane, opposite the bakery. You may enter the garden via the five bar field gate and leave your vehicle in the parking area of the gardens.

See the map for further details.

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