Long Crichel Bakery . Dorset

Speciality and special orders

Our bakery make a variety of breads; local - regional - European, breads of all kinds for individual taste's and dietary needs. As well as these we offer a wide variety of cakes and pastries, including our special Lemon Cake, open fresh fruit tarts, croissants, brioches, pain au chocolat, fruit loaf and a range of delicious tea cakes.

Special content breads

Our hand crafted organic bread

  • White bread - with a crust and flavour developed through long fermentation.
  • Wholemeal - it's own natural moisture, texture and sweetness from English wheat.
  • Malted brown with five seeds
  • Sourdoughs - pain de campagne and pan d'auvergne
  • 100% rye sourdough
  • Wheat & rye sourdough with walnuts and raisins

Occasional breads and cakes

  • Olive & rosemary bread
  • Wheat, rye & caraway sourdough bread
  • Sun dried tomato & herb bread
  • Spiced fruit loaf
  • Spiced fruit buns
  • Brioche
  • Croissant
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Cake au citron
  • and others ....

Special orders

On a daily basis we produce only for our clients, customers and a limited amount for our own shop. With some advance notice we are delighted to produce large quantities for special events, family occasion's and gatherings; being flexible enough to meet demands and your requirements. Please e-mail, telephone, fax' or write - see the contacts page of this web site for details.

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